Court Rental

The Court is Yours

Enjoy the thrill of pickleball at our modern facilities. Whether you are seeking a competitive match against fellow pickleball enthusiasts, or a casual game with friends, or are new to pickleball, our lessons and courts are tailored to accommodate all playing styles.

Your pickleball journey starts here, where every swing is a step towards enjoyment and mastery.


Lessons for All Levels

Embrace the thrill of pickleball and take your skills to the next level with our immersive pickleball group lessons and clinics, designed to cater to players of all ages and skill levels. You can put your newfound skills into immediate practice by joining games with players of similar proficiency.

At Pickle Social Club, we ensure your pickleball journey is not just educational but instantly gratifying.

private lessons

From Beginner to Champion

Embark on the path to pickleball greatness with our professional and certified coaches at Pickle Social Club. Our personalised private lessons are designed based on your personal goals to propel your skills, focusing on the techniques and tactics essential for breaking through to the next level.

Let us guide you on a personalised path to mastery, ensuring every session is a step closer to realising your full pickleball potential and unleashing your prowess on the court with confidence and precision!


The Essentials

  1. Paddle & Ball
    Feel free to bring your own or rent our exclusive club paddles to rock the court.
  2. Dress Code
    Pickleball is a casual sport, and comfortable athletic attire is the norm. Opt for breathable fabrics that allow for freedom of movement, such as polo shirts, shorts, and sport skirts.
  3. Respect & Sportsmanship
    Don’t forget to play in respectful manner by calling your outs, avoid poaching and most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy and have fun!
Private Event

Host Your Own Private Event

Unlock the potential of 18,000 square feet of versatile covered and outdoor space at Pickle Social Club. Our venue offers a myriad of possibilities for both private and semi-private gatherings of all sizes. Whether you’re marking a milestone, fostering connections, or hosting an exclusive session with friends and colleagues, Pickle Social Club is your ultimate destination.

Ready to Pick Up the Paddle?