Here’s Our Story

Hey there, welcome to Pickle Social Club – Malaysia’s very first pickleball playground where we’re all about hitting the sweet spot between fun, fitness, and friendship.

It all started when we looked around and thought, “Hey, there has to be more to socializing than just malls.” We saw the need for a space that fosters genuine social connections. That’s when we thought of pickleball, a sport that goes beyond the court.

Here’s Our Story

Pickle Social Club (PSC) was founded in 2023 by our founder, Mark, who has a passion for connecting active people through fitness, sports and lifestyle concepts.

Mark’s journey with the sport began when a visit to America in 2023 lead to the term ‘Pickleball’ being brought up in various conversations. Intrigued, he delved into research and discovered that pickleball was on the trajectory to becoming the fastest-growing sport worldwide. He was inspired to find out why. In less than an hour of stepping onto the court, Mark was not only playing pickleball but was also completely hooked. And he believed others would feel the same.

Fuelled by passion and newfound enthusiasm, Mark, along with a few business partners- Christian, Dorcas, Jon, and Janine, the dedicated team embarked on an extensive exploration of Pickleball. Pooling together their collective expertise and leveraging their networks of industry professionals, this has formed the backbone of our founding team.

Today, Pickle Social Club, better known as PSC, stands as a testament to their commitment to bringing people together through the unique thrill of pickleball and fostering lasting connections. PSC aims to reinvent the social experience through sports with pickleballs courts being smaller, easier to communicate and have some memorable games while they are at it.

Join us in this exciting journey as we redefine sports, fitness, and friendships at Pickle Social Club – one game at a time.


A Place to Connect and Break a Sweat

Our vision is a world where every neighborhood thrives on the power of connection, where people and communities are elevated with shared moments of play and discovery.

To set our vision in motion, we’re on a mission:
• To enrich lives and foster personal growth by providing an engaging and supportive environment centered around the joy of pickleball.

• To cultivate social connections and creating a positive impact with every game.

• To build vibrant communities through the power of play.

• To ignite change and unite diverse communities through the joy of play.


Weaving Connections, Building Communities

Our vision extends beyond the court. We envision our vibrant presence in every neighbourhood, embracing the power of social connection. The camaraderie inherent in the sport is what motivates and keeps us on our toes to continually build and cultivate spaces where friendships effortlessly blossom.

Join us in bringing communities to life through shared moments of play and discovery, sparking connections and creating a vibrant tapestry of shared experiences.


Life in the Club

At Pickle Social Club, we are in the business of creating thoughtful experiences and environments that bring people together in authentic connection. Our commitment extends beyond the court; we are dedicated to cultivating a supportive and meaningful work environment for our team, by bringing all voices to the table and providing opportunities for growth.

If you’re passionate about social sports, possess a strong work ethic and thrive in a collaborative setting, we invite you to join us in growing the brand and community.


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