Frequently Asked Questions

New to Pickle Social Club

Pickleball is not just a game; it’s a dynamic and enjoyable sport. Think of it as table tennis meets traditional tennis meets badminton. Picture a court, a net, paddles, and a lightweight ball resembling a wiffle ball, and you’ve got the essential ingredients for a game that’s both exciting and accessible.

This versatile sport accommodates both singles and doubles play, just like traditional tennis. Anyone from school-aged children to elderly retirees can enjoy the game of pickleball. And since the court is smaller than a tennis court, the play is more compact and slightly less strenuous. Engage in a match, and you will soon discover that pickleball seamlessly combines exercise with entertainment.

Welcome to the exciting world of pickleball! Getting started is easy and fun. Here’s a step-by-step guide for newcomers:

  • Learn the Basics by Joining Our Group Lesson – Beginner.
    • This group lesson is the perfect class to learn the basics of the game. In this 90-minute group lesson, you will get to learn all the basics you need to play your first game. The instructor will cover equipment, basic pickleball terminology, score keeping, court position, and the fundamentals of serve, return and volley.
  • Start with Social Play
    • Join in on social play sessions where players of all levels gather to enjoy the game in a relaxed setting. It’s a fantastic way to meet fellow enthusiasts and practise your skills.
  • Ask Questions
    • Don’t hesitate to ask questions! Whether it’s about rules, techniques, or finding the right group to play with, the pickleball community is usually welcoming and happy to help newcomers.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
    • The more you play, the more comfortable you’ll become. Practise regularly to improve your skills, and soon enough, you will be rallying and scoring points like a pro.


Remember, everyone was a beginner once, so embrace the learning process, have fun, and enjoy the pickleball journey!

You can come to Pickle Social Club with your athletic attire and most importantly wear comfortable training or court-type shoes. Heels, flip-flops and slippers are strictly prohibited as they will cause damage to our courts.

You may bring your own paddles and balls. Don’t have your own? Fret not, we got you covered! We will provide you with a paddle and balls on a rental basis. And don’t forget to bring your enthusiasm for a fantastic pickleball session.

Getting to Pickle Social Club

Where is Pickle Social Club located?

We are located at No 3, Jalan Bukit Kiara 1, Bukit Kiara, 60000 Kuala Lumpur. Click here and check out the directional video to navigate to Pickle Social Club.

We offer both covered-outdoor and outdoor pickleball courts. The facility currently has 4 covered-outdoor courts and 4 outdoor courts.

Once you arrive at Jalan Bukit Kiara 1, just park at the allocated car park which is just right at the roadside. FOC for now.

Yes, we do have shower facilities on-site. Please note that bath towels will not be provided as the management of these facilities is handled independently, not by Pickle Social Club. Kindly bring your own towels.

While we do not have lockers available, we provide benches on each court for your convenience. These benches allow you to keep an eye on your personal belongings while enjoying your time on the court.

Bookings & Reservations

You will need to reserve your slot online. Just visit our website, click “Book Now” located at the top right corner, and create an account before making any reservation.

The booking window for courts opens 7 days in advance. Set a reminder to ensure you have a higher chance of securing your preferred slot, especially during peak hour. If your preferred slot is fully booked, don’t worry! You can add yourself to the online waitlist. We’ll notify you if a spot becomes available.

The waitlist for classes opens when the slot is fully booked online. As members cancel their reservations, individuals on the waitlist will automatically move up, securing a slot.

The waitlist operates on a first-come-first-serve basis. Those on the waitlist will be notified in the order they joined, ensuring fairness and equal chances.

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience at Pickle Social Club, we advise all members to arrive early, preferably at least 10-15 minutes before your scheduled session, especially if it’s your first time at Pickle Social Club.

Upon arrival, please proceed to the reception counter. Our friendly Operations Crew will assist you with the check-in process. Just let our Operations Crew know your reservation details (name and booked session). Please note that if you do now show up for your reservation, your slot will be released to members on the waitlist or any walk-in members 15 minutes after the commencement of scheduled session.

Certainly! You have the flexibility to manage your reservations. You can move or cancel your reservation, but we kindly request that you do so at least 12 hours before the scheduled session to avoid a forfeiture of credit.

Court Rental:  If you are late to your booked session, the reservation WILL NOT BE EXTENDED. Please note that the fee will not be prorated for late arrivals.

Group Lesson: Once the lesson has started, the late-comers are not allowed to join the class anymore. The booking will be considered as NO SHOW and the booked credits WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

Walk-ins are welcome at Pickle Social Club. While reservations are recommended to ensure court availability, we understand that spontaneity adds to the excitement of the game. If you decide to walk in, our friendly Operations Crew will do their best to accommodate you based on court availability. Keep in mind that peak hours may have higher demand, so reserving a court or a slot in the group lesson in advance is recommended for a seamless experience.

The standard reservation fee for outdoor courts is RM 35.00 per court per hour during off-peak hour, and RM 55.00 per court per hour during peak hour. As for covered-outdoor courts, the fee is  RM 50.00 per court per hour during off-peak hour, and RM 70.00 per court per hour during peak hour. You may invite your family and friends to play together without additional charges and the cost of the court rental can be split between all players.

Please see our Pricing page for further information.

You can make a court reservation for 1 to 3 hours.Each account is allowed to reserve a maximum of 2 courts per session. If you wish to book more than 2 courts for a single session, this will be considered as a Private Event event. The rate for Private Events differs from the standard reservation fee.

For inquiries or to book more than 2 courts for a session, please reach out to us at . Our team will provide you with the necessary information and assist you accordingly.

We may close the courts in rainy weather or when the court conditions are deemed not safe to play until they are safe to be used. A notice via phone calls and text message will be sent out to all reservations affected by the hazardous weather, 1 hour before.


If the reservation is affected by the hazardous weather:

  • Situation 1: all the covered courts are fully booked.
    • If the affected players played for less than half an hour, the session can be rescheduled to another day or slot without additional charges.
    • If the affected players played for more than half an hour, we won’t replace the session for the players.
  • Situation 2: there are covered courts available:
    • We can move the affected players to the covered court without additional charges.


If you are not going to be able to make it for your scheduled session or group lesson, you need to cancel your reservation at least 12 hours prior to the commencement of the reserved time slot or lesson. This allows ample time for other members who want to book a court or get a spot in the group lesson.

Any cancellation less than 12 hours before the commencement of the scheduled session or lesson will be deemed a late cancellation and the booked credit will be charged.

Exceptions are given to situations of hazardous weather and extenuating circumstances.

Court Rental

  • Reservations start promptly according to the booked time slot. If you are late to your booked session, the reservation will not be extended. So please be on time and arrive early.
  • Please note that the fee will not be prorated for late arrivals.
  • If you need to postpone your reservation for any reason, please email as soon as possible and we will try to accommodate if there is no reservation after yours. There is no guarantee we can move the reservation times.


Group Lesson

  • Once the lesson has started, the late-comers are not allowed to join the class anymore. The booking will be considered as NO SHOW and the booked credits WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.


If you book a court or group lesson or private lesson and do not show up within 15 minutes after reservation start time, your reservation will be forfeited and voided, and you will be charged in full for your court time or group lesson or private lesson.

We will of course be considerate of special circumstances.

Any sales made on court rental, group lesson packages and private lesson packages are final and non-refundable. However, we can allow you to transfer any unused credits to your friend or other member who would like to use the credits.


Yes, we do! We offer private lessons tailored to your needs. Whether you’re looking for a 1-on-1 session or a group lesson for up to 32 people, we’ve got you covered. To organise a personalised private lesson, please contact us by filling in this form.

Absolutely! From intimate celebrations to corporate team-building activities, Pickle Social Club provides the perfect setting for your bespoke gatherings. Share your requirements with us, and we will work together on the next steps to create a memorable event for you.

We love the little ones, but all infants and toddlers must be accompanied by a supervising adult at all times. All other children that are able to take care of themselves are welcome to lounge in the communal area.

Pets, unfortunately, are not allowed on our premises. We appreciate your understanding on this matter as we aim to respect the shared space, accommodating the diverse community of friends from various races and religions.


We strongly recommend that you speak to your doctor about what is appropriate for you before commencing any type of exercise. This is particularly important for high intensity sessions. Everyone is different, and details of pregnancy differ. Do let your doctor know about what pickleball sport entails.

If you get the go ahead, choose an appropriate session that is reasonable for you and make sure you let your coach and our Operations Crew know at the start of each session so we can take good care of you.

We strongly recommend that you speak to your doctor about what is appropriate for you before commencing any type of exercise. It all depends on what it is and its severity.